In-House Diagnostics

We are equipped with the newest technology & equipment for quick results to help diagnose & begin treatment for your pet.

Have you ever felt frustrated when you had to visit multiple places to get just a single task completed? At Town & Country Veterinary, we know how frustrating this can be. In our clinic, we have all the in-house diagnostic tools we need to identify what’s going on with your beloved pet. While other care centers must refer you and your companion to a specialist, we can complete all of the tests your fur friend might need all under one roof. This saves you time and money and enables us to begin the appropriate course of treatment right away.

In-House Diagnostic Services

Town & Country Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of tests and diagnostic services for all animals.

Whether your pet needs routine diagnostic testing or testing to determine the underlying cause of a problem, we are equipped to get answers quickly.

The heart of our in-house diagnostic services is our in-house laboratory. In our laboratory, we test samples from your companion. Whether this is a blood, urine, stool, or other type of sample, we can check for all sorts of things using our in-house lab.

Next comes the ultrasound. Just like a human ultrasound, a pet ultrasound allows veterinarians to peek into your pet’s body and see just what’s going on with their organs. From their heart to their intestines, if they have an issue, our trained staff can diagnose it using our advanced ultrasound equipment.

Lastly, when you break a bone you go and get an X-ray. Why does it have to be different for animals? Turns out, it doesn’t. We offer radiology under our roof so we can examine the exact location of a bone problem in your pet. From broken bones to degenerative issues, we use radiography to examine all sorts of issues in companion animals.

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Pet In-House Diagnostic Services in San Antonio

You want what’s best for your family – pets included. At Town & Country Veterinary Hospital, our in-house diagnostic services allow us to identify the exact reason your pet may be experiencing discomfort in a pinch. Instead of traveling from vet to vet, schedule an appointment with us at Town & Country Veterinary Hospital for an all-inclusive experience.